What is Gompa or Monastery??

What is Gompa or Monastery??
A monastery is a spiritual haven for with drawl from the temporal world and for renunciation from its materialistic world and sensual desires. This is also an instrument for bringing Buddhist ideas and the beliefs of the very temporal world of lay population. From the view point of mediation, a pilgrim or a disciple a voice can get opportunity to practice and solace the mind. Wherever goes to the monastery or nunnery can cultivate the right metal attitude and right action. The Buddhist tenets, philosophy and beliefs so that the act of rebirth in this temporal word is to teach right education and good Karma to the lay people.

Nirphu Gomba in Upper Mustang

Oldest monastery in Upper Mustang, Nepal

In the whole Himalayan region, the village temple and theological intuition is called Gumpa or Gompa. The term “gumba” is derived from Tibetan term “dgon-pa” which means “good man”The term is also defined as “gomchhenpa” that means the center where people go for mediation. We cam found two types of Gompa in Nepal.
1) Lhankang    2) Gonde

1) Lhankang : This is village temple where people go to everyday worship, funeral rites and weeding.

2) Gonde: This is theological centre where people go to the religious mediation. By the rule Gonde monetary should be built at lonely place which is closely associated with the nature (eco-environment)
We can found two types of Gonde Monastery. I) Seta II) Dupta

I) Seta: In order to be a lama he have to stay three years, three days, three months and three days.
II) Dupta: In Gupta there is selection of reincarnation Lama. After demise of existing Lama, they believe that he will take a birth as a new child. The attributes of previous lama and existing lama mixed each other. The boy is given to choose the attributes of previous Lama. If he is able to select the attributes he is honored as the reincarnation Lama.

There are more than 12 hundreds Bubbliest Monasteries, thousand of Buddhist monument, Chorten, Mani walls, Prayer wheels, Prayer flags, Stupas, wall painting and ancient scriptures. Some of them are more than two thousand years old.

 Monastery in Tibet

The Palcho Monastery in Gyantse, Tibet

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